The Lane - Behind the Book

I decided one day to walk to school, it's not that far and I would be saving money. However when I started to walk, the wanderer in me started to look around. Coldharbour Lane, a single street that goes straight to my home to school, had a lot to inspire in me. 

So began the beginning of this book, another ode to South London. There is a charm I find always fascinating. The shop fronts, the rows of Victorian houses, the arches with trains rolling by. All coated in leaves as the late Autumn turned to Winter.

I started by creating watercolors of my favorite shops.

I couldn't resist doing some of my favorite line drawings as well

Then one day I had a monoprint workshop and thought this is it! The language I wanted. I could be controlled with my line as much as want but the unpredictability of monoprint would find some way to messed it up, or better yet, Improve it. 

I decided to it was the prefect medium to draw something I saw everyday (for 3 weeks in fact) and always give it new life with every new print.

It was nerve wrecking excitement with every reveal, and I carried on till I had enough images to edit into a book.  The final outcome which I loved because I truly made something that felt completely hand made. I will definitely keep exploring it in my practice.